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 Designs & Petitions

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micael cristiano
World Wide Admin

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Join date : 26/03/2012
Location : Viseu, Portugal
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Team : GzBilliards
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MensajeTema: Designs & Petitions   Mar 25 Sep - 15:25:36

Good GameZer Billiards A Space Designs, Where Petitions Forum All users can place their orders of Designs Avatar, Signatures, Logos, tacos etc.

These are Designers Available so far:

- coordinator

● Firms
● Logos
● Avatars
● Tacos

Format of Request:

In the title of the item placed on Format
[Image Type] [Designer]

Within the topic:

● Type of Request:
● Size:
● Resources:
● Text


Title: [Signature] [micael cristiano]
Type of Request: Signature or Signature
Resources: (Any Image, Stock or Render)
Text: (Text to be signed)
Name of Designer: micael cristiano if the user wants to carry the signature of the designer name.

You can request from [Signatures - Avatars - Tacos - Logos etc ...!

Once your order is accepted, the designer will have from 0 to 96 hours to place your order, the issue will close when the Designer Showcase the results to the user who made the request.

PDTA: In such case the User does not comply with the format of the request will be omitted.
PDTA2: Users who order may not make another request for the next 96 hours.
PDTA3: Anyone who requests a petition here has to be active users of the forum, and leave the link in the championship where it currently participating
PDTA4: Orders must be made personally, a user can only make 2 orders a month and have to have more than 10 post on the forum otherwise not be taken into account.
PDTA: Moderators Only 5 (a). of any part of the Forum with silk are one of the requests you want and does not meet the requirements
PDTA: Moderators Only 6 (a). Forum Tables can apply for their Play Off Tournament.

All requests in English otherwise it will be rejected

[Tienes que estar registrado y conectado para ver esa imagen]
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Europe World Mods

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Location : Pôrtugal
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Team : GzBilliards
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MensajeTema: Re: Designs & Petitions   Miér 26 Sep - 16:34:34

Type of Request: Sign and Avatar
Resources: A escolher pelo Designer
Text: Chinas
Name of Designer: Micael

[Tienes que estar registrado y conectado para ver esa imagen]
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Designs & Petitions
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