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 [MS'12] Rules

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MensajeTema: [MS'12] Rules   Jue 21 Jun - 17:19:41


- Standards

- The Games were made in any room preferably Ask rooms Rooms: 295 - 296 - 297 - 298
- Each of the users involved in the GameZer Billiards Forum must be in accordance with the rules that are implemented here
- The table is to be played without a guide [It's Required]
- If your opponent is the jack loose you as a player unintentionally profecional can regresarcela placing it on the site where the sele solto, if your opponent takes advantage of it and places it in the right place is -1 table [No is mandatory]
- The GameZer Billiards Forum participants who enter the table from one player to cause a nuisance will be punished by losing all your tables in any tournament you are participating in the Forum
- If the arbitrators find that some user forum Forum GameZer share your account with another person will be automatically suspended [is mandatory]
- The arbitrators may not Moderate tables themselves and the Chair Clans championship a referee from another country
- Each player will have to put your own result in a maximum of 60 minutes after you finish your party tables will not be breaching its taken intoaccount regardless of what has been the result
- Users must post the hours of meetings in GTM unless a National Championship
- The calls have to be different in 24 hours, and the call must have the hours in GTM in which you are connecting every day, if your schedule does not leave vs or disagree with the times you say, if you pass round, but if you called and called GTM hours while their vs his calls were not taken into account
- If your opponent makes points etc. chat with smiles. You can lock in the box next to your flag to avoid slowness of the table in this forum nobody loses chat table unless it is a vulgarity

Account participants.

- Enter in any forum GameZer Billiards Championship with a score of 100 level over the history of this
- Each participant must register with their normal letters alphabet letters and the flag of your country Example:
View ----> [Tienes que estar registrado y conectado para ver este vínculo] & View ----> [Tienes que estar registrado y conectado para ver este vínculo]
- Each user must bear in mind the flag of a respective country which Abita either currently or country of birth
- All games must be Moeracion Vicibles to facilitate the arbitrators.

Disqualifications and penalties.

- Once you start a meeting all spectators must remain silent to avoid discomfort please the players
- Some kind of discomfort in the game the user expects to culminate the table that is in the game and talk to the referee in the room
- It is discovered the use of guides for some GameZer Billiards Forum participants will be Banned from the Forum for IP:
- Go to an arbitrator or any participant in the Forum at the time of playing in a sarcastic or ofenciba will be immediately disqualified from the championship and if this happen repeatedly llegace occasions will be Banned from the Forum for IP:
- When you start the match the player can leave the table if you experience any problem but can not leave the room to avoid comments that shares the account and avoid problems unless it is an individual championship and accordion play another day but if they play championship clans can not leave the room
- The user irespete room rules pribadaHey Cp or GameZer Billiards Forum will be expelled from any tournament in which it is involved
- If you expect to leave the announcement apropósito 15 seconds to play his ball and do it all the judge can punish -1 Bureau and that this action discourages the opponent


- In case of disconnection, if the winning player is disconnected, the game is repeated, regardless of the point spread.
- In case of disconnection, if the losing player is disconnected and the point spread is more than 25 points, the player loses the game.
- In case of disconnection, if the losing player is disconnected and the score difference is less than 25 points, the game must be repeated. The score difference realized adding the following repeated game.
- In the repeated game the initial break should not exceed 2 points, the next shot must be on the defensive, without holing the ball.
- If a player is disconnected three or more times, you lose the plot.
- If the game is closed due to a break, is the same as the disconnection.
- In the case of intentional disconnection delete the moderator can decide the game and lost by the player (again!)

Snooker Position.

- If the position of the pool, the player who rolled the ball must hit trying to score or play indirectly in the management of the ball.
- If the player attempts to hit the ball 2 times, immediately lost the plot.
In case of contact with the wrong mouse button, the opponent can be a
sign of fair play put the ball back to its original position, fair play is optional.

Forum Rules.

- This forum is designed specifically with the issue of GameZer postiar not be otherwise than on the same subject or newsworthy

- Users are allowed to freely postiar all topics (the ones that are denied are closed).

- You are prohibited spam and flood otherwise all your accumulated points will be deleted remember that this is a forum not a chat.

- Users may not place an avatar, an image containing some of these terms (Admin, Forum Moderator or Owner) nor anything obscene or pornographic

- The user can load any type of free mind signing as long as the image does not exceed 400 pixels wide and 220 pixels high and are not gif and do not hold such obscene things that might affect other users of the Forum

- Records in any tournament can only be made in person [is mandatory]

- Insults to people outside the forum has nothing to do with us unless it is abused in a tournament that is taking place in the same forum will be warned and may become a Banned or banned to participate in other tournaments in the forum

- Insults by (messenger, skype, face.) or otherwise, are not taken into account as claims in the Forum, unless they are insults GameZer rooms: 296 - 297 - 298. who are wards of the Forum claims will be considered and will have a duration of maximum response of 48 If the claim does not have enough evidence will not be taken into account pray

- Given one of the rules or requirements that are posted here are thanked for users of the Forum please respect them to the championships are played well with harmony, peace, and not present any kind of incomidad, in the union and education this force only asked to respect the forum distracted and get along with each other.

- What any noncompliance with the rules you must present evidence at the Forum pantaya Capture [Photo-Video] otherwise your claim will not be taken into account

- The main objective of the forum is the GameZer Billiards is to entertain you and make a single community, create a conscious community that we can create new friendships, fun, and respect for all members as brothers and sisters. In this case, we set the rules and instructions in the hope that they are respected and followed for the benefit and comfort of all. We are all one family, and are willing to build mutual respect between members of the Forum always GameZer Billiards - Welcome new members!

- Remember to invite your friends(a) be part of the Family GameZer Billiards for the community every day have a higher growth through ATT: the Administration.


Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I fear no evil: for God is with me

[Tienes que estar registrado y conectado para ver este vínculo][Tienes que estar registrado y conectado para ver este vínculo][Tienes que estar registrado y conectado para ver este vínculo][Tienes que estar registrado y conectado para ver este vínculo]
----> [Tienes que estar registrado y conectado para ver este vínculo] <----

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[MS'12] Rules
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