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 [ Reglas ball-8 ]

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MensajeTema: [ Reglas ball-8 ]   Miér 18 Abr - 22:26:30

Rules in English

- General

- The tournament will be held in the rooms Rooms: - 296 - 297 - 298
- By registering each player agrees with the Competition Rules published in the 5To ElementO
- All tournament games are played without a guide. If a player is invited to a tournament game with a guide, reject.
- In case of poor contact with the mouse,
the opponent may as a sign of fair play put the ball back to its
original position, but if you take advantage of this situation by
putting the ball in a different position than the player loses the game. (New!) Is not required
- If the organizers suspected,
discovered or are sure that the player or players who bother to play
has something to do with any of the players involved will be penalized
according to the discomfort of his friend might have caused. (New!)
- If the organizers suspect, discover, or are sure that a player shares account, the disqualification of the player will be mandatory. (New!)

- The organizers can not make decisions on issues which is involved in the, players from his country, equipment and so on. (New!)

Account Championship.

- Each player is allowed to play in the tournament with a single account.
- Each player is only allowed to play with your registered ID to the end of the tournament.
- The nickname for each player participant must show only ASCII characters.
- The player must play with the flag of your country.
- Hide the banner or nickname is prohibited and the player can not play without proper flag display and / or without your nick registered. (New!)
- In case of multiple accounts to use only the highest for the championship.

ASCII characters:

Disqualifications and penalties

- When the game starts, all visitors must stay in the game is silence.
- If a player has an objection, the moderator has to decide what to do.
- The use of guidance programs is strictly prohibited. If such abuse is found to be disqualified immediately.
- Insulting the other player or moderator is strictly prohibited. If this happens, the moderator may remove the player from competition presenting the evidence to the organizers. (New!)
- Any player who violates the rules of fair play 5To ElementO Forum will be disqualified without any further explanation or discussion of the tournament.
- In case of discovering shared accounts in tournament disqualification is mandatory.
- If it finds that a player has a higher score, the player is automatically out of the championship. (New!)

8 Ball

- A disconnect (After 10 seconds = Marked in history) = lost Game (For the player who is disconnected) (New) (very important)
- If a player intentionally hits the opponent's ball or 8 ball accommodates the ball remains on the table it is counted as part lost
- In case of contact with the wrong mouse button,
the opponent can - as a sign of fair play - to return the ball to its
original position, but in the case of taking advantage of this situation
by putting (the player who recovered the white ball) the ball in a different position, the player loses the plot.
- In the event of a tie in a frame (the inability to continue playing for the position of the balls, the game can be repeated (should be decided by a moderator)


If a player does not arrive on time, the countdown will start 10 minutes after the agreed time. After those 10 minutes every 5 minutes mean a frame:

18:00 Time to start the game

Countdown 18:10

18:15 -> 1-0
18:20 -> 2-0
18:25 -> 3-0
18:30 -> 4-0
18:35 -> 5-0
18:40 -> 6-0

* Only in Play-Off

The countdown is due to publish in the forum by the player who is supposed to play (New)
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[ Reglas ball-8 ]
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